Docked is a housing subscription — designed for individuals looking for a new way of living — one that redefines our current housing structure and is centered around connection, comfort, and convenience. 

At Docked we believe in a new model of housing that is flexible, convenient and financially smart. We know that people who travel have the ability to work remotely are on the rise, but that a flexible lifestyle never has to compromise convenience and comfort.



The coliving concept reflects the shifting value system of today's renters - values that embrace the quality of relationships and experiences over the quantity of square footage. 

Residents are invited to enjoy an exciting array of both in- and out-of-building experiences, everything from backyard gatherings catered by local eateries, talks held by thought-leaders with expertise across a wide range of fields, and sunset yoga sessions in the garden; to day trips, like tubing in the summer; volunteer opportunities in the wider community; and even group vacations.

connection - comfort - convenience

Core Values

We are exploring new ways of living and creating home. Through this process we expect to broadcast the following values:

  • Community alongside individuality

  • Intentionality over apathy

  • Openness and collaboration over competition

  • Sharing over consumption

  • Inquiry and experimentation over the status quo

  • Responsibility and action over cynicism and resignation


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