Since coliving is a fairly new concept in the Tampa Bay community of Florida, we’ve been getting a lot of questions.

Here are a few answers to the ones we hear frequently.


What is coliving?
Coliving is a shared housing model. What most people generally refer to as “tenants”, we call house members. In a coliving space, house members share kitchens, living rooms and other common spaces with other house members, Each house member at Docked has a private bedroom with private bathroom.

How is Docked a housing subscription centered around comfort and convenience?
At Docked you don’t sign a traditional ‘lease’, you buy into a membership. By becoming a Docked member you’re signing up for a housing subscription that is all inclusive; that means utilities, WiFi, bi-weekly cleaning, complimentary coffee, bathroom amenities, furniture, appliances, kitchen supplies, on-site laundry… all basics you would need when moving into a new place are taken care of as part of your monthly fee.

How do I become a Docked Member?
Becoming a Docked member requires an approved application, paying a $149.99 non-refundable membership application fee, a security deposit (equivalent to one month’s subscription fee), and first month’s subscription fee. We carefully go over each application to make sure every individual fits into our network of unique individuals.

How come your application fee is $150?
Our non-refundable application fee covers a $110 membership application fee + a $39.99 background and credit check.

What are the perks of being a Docked member?
Other then sharing a home with some kickass individuals, at Docked you truly get to understand our core values of connection, comfort and convenience. We encourage our members, ranging from creatives, entrepreneurs, fitness enthusiasts, designers, and chefs, to share their resources with one another. We also try to create a home that is curated with your peace and tranquility in mind, and we try to think of everything you might possibly need so you don’t have to. In addition to all-inclusive living, we also host monthly mixers, and events for all of our house members. We’re also really big on community outreach, and have partnered with local organizations and small business to collaborate and bring fun and unique experiences to all of our members.

What are flexible membership terms?
At this time we only offer a minimum of 6 month memberships, but you are free to cancel at any time with no penalty, as long as we receive 30 day notice.

Do you guys accept pets?
Although we love all animals, to be mindful of house members who might be allergic, we currently have a no pet policy in any of our shared housing, HOWEVER, some of our properties also have efficiency apartments that are detached from the main house. If you are opting in for one of those we accept service animals or pets up to 25 lbs with a $150 refundable pet deposit.

What about couples?
At this time our residences can only accommodate one person per bedroom.

Can I have guests spend the night?
Guests are allowed to spend the night, as long as they sleep in your private room (not in the shared spaces) and all house members are okay with it, you may have an overnight guest stay for $30/night. You are responsible for your guest and they must abide by the rules. The person who wants to bring a guest needs to inform the house leader and send a message to info@dockedliving.com. You may also have up to two guests at the houses during the day.

Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by emailing us